Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of sale and use of the YOURACCOMPANIST website.

Anyone using any of YOURACCOMPANIST MP3/WAV files (including our free downloads, custom recordings, and any gifted tracks) accepts the following Terms and Conditions.

  1. User licence:

    YOURACCOMPANIST mp3/WAV products must be legitimately purchased from the YOURACCOMPANIST website or via the custom service.

    YOURACCOMPANIST mp3/WAV downloads are intended for personal rehearsal use by the purchaser only. They are DRM free and may be uploaded to any number of the purchaser’s own personal devices.

    You may not resell, redistribute, publish or share the tracks or edit them without permission. Nor may you remove the embedded YOURACCOMPANIST logo. Any attempt to remove the logo will be treated as your intention to present the recordings as your own work.

    The tracks may not be redistributed via the internet, an intra- or extranet, file sharing, social networks, email or any other method.

    Tracks are sold in good faith and subject to these terms and conditions. They are produced and made available in the catalogue, or made available in the cloud, subject to our PRS for Music Licence terms. We may grant commercial use of our recording (for live, online, broadcast, pre-recorded, or via any media format whatsoever) by arrangement and subject to the terms of an individual licence or agreement. We cannot grant any music publisher’s permissions that may also be required. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that no music publisher’s rights are infringed by any commercial performance of copyright works.

    Voice teachers: If you are a voice teacher (or you teach music or voice in an educational institution), you may use the tracks freely in your class or tutorial lessons, but you are not at liberty to pass on the tracks to your students (in any format) unless you have purchased a licence from us to permit this. Nor are you permitted to embed them in your website for follow-up lessons or listening exercises. Redistribution licences are tailor-made to your needs and we make every effort to keep them affordable for you and your students.

    Please contact us for more information about institution licencing. (You may, however, share any music teacher discount codes that you have to allow your students to legitimately purchase tracks for their own use).

  2. Interpretation:
    The contents of YOURACCOMPANIST tracks are not to be regarded as anything other than YOURACCOMPANIST’s own interpretations. YOURACCOMPANIST cannot be held responsible for their subsequent use in preparation for any event, exam or audition.

  3. Resale: YOURACCOMPANIST tracks may not be resold under any circumstances.

  4. Non-commercial performance: YOURACCOMPANIST mp3/WAV downloads are not intended for public performance but for rehearsal only.

    However, if the work is in the public domain, the accompaniment track may be used for charitable or not-for-profit public performance (eg in schools, care homes, or auditions) without seeking permission. If you are involved in something worthy or interesting, please do let us know.

    Accompaniment tracks of any non-public domain music (identified by a P for ‘PRS’ in the catalogue number) are for personal practice only and must not be used for any other purpose without a PRS licence or permission for the use of the composition, and one for the use of our sound-recording.

  5. Commercial performance: Permission must be sought for any and all commercial uses of YOURACCOMPANIST accompaniment tracks. To obtain our express permission for use in communication of the recordings to the public and making the recordings available to the public, including but not limited to commercial public performance, commercial production, broadcast, hold music, or on a website, please email us at permission@youraccompanist.com.

  6. Non-commercial recordings: You may record yourself using YOURACCOMPANIST rehearsal tracks for the purpose of assessing your progress in preparing to perform a song (public domain material only). You may also make personal private recordings of yourself singing to share with friends and family. If you wish to make recordings using our tracks for charity fundraising purposes, please contact us for further permission. A voice should always appear with the piano accompaniment.

    Personal promotion
    Our tracks may be used in recordings made by singers for the purposes of personal promotion including singing portfolios, publicity websites and show-reels, providing that a full attribution is given to YOURACCOMPANIST including a link to http://www.youraccompanist.com.


    You may make private video recordings using YOURACCOMPANIST tracks for uploading to YouTube providing that a full attribution is given to YOURACCOMPANIST including a link to http://www.youraccompanist.com in the description of the video, and that the person uploading subscribes to our channel in the YouTube network (see http://www.youtube.com/youraccompanist).

    Other online video sites
    You may make private video recordings using YOURACCOMPANIST tracks for uploading to online video sharing sites providing that a full attribution is given to YOURACCOMPANIST including a link to http://www.youraccompanist.com in the description of the video.

    Other websites
    Use of YOURACCOMPANIST recordings (including free-to-download resources e.g. scales) on any other website (commercial or non-commercial) is not permitted under any circumstances.

  7. Commercial recordings: No commercial recording for resale using any of these mp3/WAV downloads can be made without first contacting YOURACCOMPANIST who reserve the right to refuse permission. To obtain licences and our express permission for any and every use, including sampling, please email us at permission@youraccompanist.com.

  8. Custom recording service: Customers obtaining tracks for non-public domain works via the custom service take full responsibility for rights clearance. We may make an additional charge for obtaining a legal hard copy of the sheet music to work from. Each project will be subject to a separate custom recording agreement.

    The online quotation tool produces an estimate which we will try to honour wherever possible. The evaluation tool relies upon the customer giving an accurate bar count and a difficulty evaluation. Our quotation may differ from the calculated estimate once the project is evaluated by the pianist, Custom recordings are subject to a minimum charge per track or commissioned project. Licencing will be costed separately when we understand the scope of the requirements.

    Quotations are valid for six months from the date of offering. We typically expect funds to have cleared into our account before we begin our rehearsal and recording process. We work to a standard three-week turn around time from the point of receiving your payment. We will deliver early wherever possible.

    Sharing element: Please tell us how many persons will be receiving a copy of the commissioned track. A small amount is added per person to cover an initial amount of sharing. Duets, trios and quartets, for instance, should be licenced to all voices if more than one person will receive a copy. Similarly with choirs and choruses, please count the number of your distribution list for the tracks and add those in to the quotation. We charge a flat rate per share in line with catalogue prices.

    Exclusive rights: If you commission a recording from us, you get the option to pay for an exclusive deal, meaning you get the sole rights to use that recording. We are not allowed to sell the same recording to anyone else.

  9. Responsibility: YOURACCOMPANIST cannot be held responsible in any way for any subsequent use or misuse of the mp3/WAV downloads.

  10. Copyright: All the copyrighted content and or content subject to trademarks, trade names, such as logos, company name, images, graphics, icons and symbols on the YOURACCOMPANIST website and associated microsites, are YOURACCOMPANIST’s own intellectual property and cannot be registered, in part or as whole, and may not be used without the explicit authorisation of YOURACCOMPANIST.

  11. Changes to Terms and Conditions: YOURACCOMPANIST reserves the right to change the terms and conditions to be in compliance with the Intellectual property laws; and technological, financial and economic requirements in order to serve a better protection for the rights owners.

Please procure any printed music from legitimate sources and do not photocopy any printed music illegally.

If you are using YOURACCOMPANIST tracks for performance purposes, please make sure that your venue complies with local regulations for public performances of any rights protected material.

As far as YOURACCOMPANIST is aware, no material on this site infringes copyright in any way. If notified by rightsholders of any inadvertent infringement, YOURACCOMPANIST will withdraw the material in question from the website immediately, or pay appropriate royalties.

Please note that whilst all our files have been tested in standard media players, we can make no warranty about their compatibility with every proprietary audio software. We recommend that customers check to make sure the tracks are suitable for their playback equipment before purchasing in quantity.

We cannot make refunds on purchases because of the non-returnable nature of downloadable material. Please make sure that you have the correct key and tempo from the product description and the audio sample provided to confirm its suitability before buying any track from the catalogue.

Please accept these terms and conditions before you proceed to download. Any infringement of these terms and conditions may lead to us exercising our right to take legal action.

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