The service


  • Custom track to your specifications in MP3 format
  • Sharing licence to a specified number of recipients

+ Production options

  • Video consultation
  • Express service
  • WAV format
  • Sample service

+ Licence options

  • Performance licence credits
  • Distribution licence credits
  • Licence credit bundles
  • Exclusivity option

The process

We look forward to working through the following steps with you to achieve the tracks you need.

1: Scope the project

Scope the project

Count the number of bars of music and give some thought to the complexity of the piano music involved. Complexity affects how much rehearsal time will be required to produce the track. The vast majority of items will fit in the medium complexity level, so it’s fine to just go with that. While we will honour the estimate price wherever possible, the pianist’s decision on the complexity will inform the price calculation.

We need to know how many people will receive a copy of the track, if commissioned for the individual rehearsal use of the members of a choir, class, ensemble or duet.

2: Get an instant estimate

Get an instant estimate

Add your values for the project to get an initial ballpark figure. We calculate with minimum of 32 bars and we make a minimum charge per project of £35. Please count all repeats, verses, choruses.

We will typically offer project discounts on longer pieces, such as sonata movements or opera arias. Please bear this in mind when using the calculator. We assess each potential project in detail at the next stage: the written quotation.

3: Get a written quotation

Get a written quotation

Submit the quotation form to initiate the quotation process. We will evaluate the project and respond with a price for the recording work. We will also ask some questions about licencing and rights clearance. Price offers are valid for 6 months from the date on the quotation.

At this stage, you could opt to use our sampling service to get a feel for what you’d be getting from us before you make the decision to go ahead with the project in full. We charge £20 to record snapshots demonstrating your key options, moods or expressions, alternative endings, or whatever is needed to give you a clear picture of the bespoke track. If the project goes ahead, we will deduct the cost of the samples from the overall bill.

4: Give the go-ahead

Give the go-ahead

Once we are agreed on price and licence terms, or if you are using the sampling service, we will issue an invoice and begin work as soon as payment is made.

We make each track in single take if at all possible, so rehearsal is a key aspect of our process. We usually have several items in rehearsal at the same time, but we also like to turn around projects quickly. We are happy to consider next-day deliveries. If you know you need your tracks within 48 hours, we charge an express fee. Otherwise, we will make the track or tracks as quickly as possible. We would hope to get through most projects within a week, but we will always aim to deliver the project according to a mutually agreed timescale.

5: Take delivery of the track

Take delivery of the track

We will get the track to you as quickly as possible, along with any licence documentation.

In the event that you would like anything done differently, talk to us. We have no objection to producing one slightly adjusted retake within the original cost as long as we are informed within 5 days of you receiving the track from us. Retakes outside of this window are chargeable.

If you’re looking for something from the singer’s repertoire, we may have an off-the-peg version available for instant download in our library.

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