Public Domain is where it’s at

The world is our oyster

Public Domain = freedom and flexibility

If you’re a singer or classical musician who uses piano accompaniments, or a group of singers using piano tracks to learn your acapella, it need not take much for you to produce a quality album in this day and age.

Entrepreneurial independent artists in the classical sphere benefit from a huge range of public domain repertoire which can be used to grow passive income from streams and download sales, direct from you, to the people who love what you do.

We want you to work with the public domain repertoire you know and love to grow an income which pays you back for all the years you spent acquiring your skills.

Revenue from music, simplified

Classical musicians work with the cultural gems that have stood the test of time, and are ripe for reinvention in the digital age.

When you chose to work with out-of-copyright compositions, a whole world of expense and administration fades away. The YOURACCOMPANIST custom service enables musicians to develop piano accompaniment tools which they own outright, or licence directly from us without the need to pay any further royalties or submissions.

An exclusive rights deal with YOURACCOMPANIST will mean that the track is yours and yours alone for a one-off fee. We charge 10 times the recording fee for exclusivity. Alternatively, you can use our licence credits to cover commercial usage on an as-you-go or annual bundle basis.

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