Looking to conquer a whole opera role?

PersonalPianist.com is here to revolutionize your opera training experience. We specialise in providing comprehensive and meticulously crafted learning tracks for whole opera roles, designed to help you excel in your learning and deliver outstanding performances.

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Every singer has unique requirements and learning preferences, which is why we offer fully customized learning tracks for each opera role, collaborating closely with you to create personalised tracks that support your vocal range, interpretation style, and specific musical challenges. We ensure that the learning tracks are tailored to complement your strengths, address your weaknesses, and empower you to develop your own artistic expression.

Efficient and reliable

All of our tracks are meticulously produced to ensure that you can be maximally immersed in the music, and able to hear the intricate details just as clearly as the full orchestral texture. Whether you’re preparing for an audition, or honing your skills for an upcoming production, our service is fast and empowering, and means that you can propel your learning at the point of need and will have the tracks to refresh your memory for the rest of your working life.

We take great pride in our ability to produce whole roles quickly and accurately. We bring a deep understanding of the intricate requirements of operatic music and, with extensive experience working in rehearsals for musical theatre and opera productions, are well-versed in the demands placed on singers at all stages of their careers. We seek to supply fully comprehensive, highly accurate and expressive accompaniments for whole opera roles which you can enjoy over and over again until the music is assimilated into your being. It’s like having a repetiteur in your pocket available 24 hours a day any where in the world.

Our dedicated team is on hand to provide prompt analysis of your score to help identify all of the relevant passages and agree the most helpful number of bars to bring you in.

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