Supporting your teaching
on and offline

Bringing out the best in your students with supportive tailored piano accompaniments

O Sole Mio in a custom key

Supporting your teaching, on and offline

If you’re teaching singing or instruments online, live accompaniment might not always be the right tool for the session. Video calling is still subject to distortion and delay. Much better is the solution of having your student work with recorded accompaniment at their end only, so that you can hear how they are doing without trying to coordinate with them over a video connection.

Teachers might come to us looking for:

  • Recorded accompaniments to use in-session
  • Tracks to pass on to your students for their practice
  • Transcriptions and transpositions
  • Learning parts for a singing group or classroom scenario
  • Versions of accompaniment at different speeds for learning, rehearsal and performance

We can work with editions of your choice, and can help to source suitable sheet music. We can work with handwritten parts if that’s the fastest way to realise your ideas.

Custom tracks for voice work sessions

Teachers of singing may like to commission piano tracks for vocal warm up sessions specified to the requirements of a particular technique or vocal range. We can even support commercial projects with the perfect piano tracks for a video course, learning programme or even the specific needs of a particular student.

Fast warm up example

Slow warm up example


Tools for Teachers

The YOURACCOMPANIST off-the-peg selection brings you a huge library of material to use with your students at tiny prices.

Teachers might like to know about our selection of Free Harmonised Scales, which can be freely shared with your music students. Our detailed harmonisations support pitching and memorisation.

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