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Accompaniments for video auditions, grade examination preparation, YouTube channels: we make piano tracks to help you achieve your goals

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YOURACCOMPANIST is well known for specialising in the Singers’ repertoire, but our custom recording service is also open to instrumentalists. If you’ve been wishing to practise a particular piece or sonata with piano accompaniment, you’re working towards a video audition, grade examination, or you are looking to share your talents via a YouTube channel we can make you exactly the piano accompaniments you want to help you achieve your goals.


  • flexible production schedules
  • express service for urgent tracks
  • quotations based on the number of bars
  • sample service
  • accommodation of all musical direction
  • video consultations
  • MP3 or WAV options
  • Standard licence:

Automatic and extended permissions for PD works

When you commission a track of a public domain work from us, you automatically gain permissions to record or film yourself for your portfolio, audition or showreel, and you can use the tracks to give concerts for your friends, family, school or congregation.

We offer affordable licence extensions to cover the tracks for use in commercial work such as paid performance, studio recording for download or CD sales, or specific projects such as a cruise contract or a tour of shows.

Customisation examples

In this example you can hear two tracks for the same work, Bach’s flute/violin sonata No.6  in E Major, 2nd Movement:

Accompaniment only,
full tempo

Accompaniment + instrument line,
at practice tempo

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